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2010 Newsletters

January 2010 Newsletter

Anri Woodcarvings of the 1920s with Elmer Heffner

Travel Log: Dateline Boston -- Harvard’s Glass Flowers by Jack Bookwalter

February 2010 Newsletter

Sprau’s Famous Ice Cream and Soda Bottling Company with David & Linda Sprau

Wood & Sons: Wincanton Blue with Mariam Morehead

Travel Log: Dateline Cape Cod -- The Sandwich Glass Museum by Jack Bookwalter

March 2010 Newsletter

Fenton’s Ming Pattern by Carole Bess White

January Show & Sale Report by Carole White

Jeanette Glass Works by Diana Jones

April 2010 Newsletter

Shelley China Indian Peony Pattern with Dan Haake

Compote or Comport -- Elegance in Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) by Sandra Millius

Convention Update and Speaker Bios

May 2010 Newsletter

Early American Pressed Glass Bread Platters and Plates with Jewell Gowan

PROG Board Candidate Bios

Convention Update and Speaker Bios

June 2010 Newsletter

Heisey Pattern #335 Prince of Wales, Plumes by Dennis Headrick

Farber Brothers Krome Kraft with John & Michelle Kemp

Convention Thanks

President’s Corner

July 2010 Newsletter

Heisey Fakes and Confusing Items by Dennis Headrick

Tear Drop by Duncan & Miller by Sandra Millius

Membership News

September 2010 Newsletter

President’s Message by Jewell Gowan

Travel Log: Korond Pottery from Transylvania by Neal Skibinski

Membership News

October 2010 Newsletter

Vintage to new Halloween Decorations with Mark Moore and Carole White

Candy Dish Night

November 2010 Newsletter

Heisey Crystolite 1938-1957 with Janice Wallace

Art Deco Serving Pieces with Bill Line

December 2010 Newsletter

Travel Log: New England with Jack Bookwalter

Ducks Unlimited with Ed Martin

Members Out and About

November Mini Auction Was a Big Success

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